I grew up in and still live today right in the middle of nature, more exactly, among the wonderful hills of the Eifel region, renowned for its national park and located not far from the city of Aachen. Already as a small child, I became inspired by the night sky and the secrets it conceals.

I started already early, at the age of eight, to record my nocturnal experiences photographically, so could already then also share the wonderful colors and shapes of outer space with others. It all started with binoculars and my father's camera and developed within three decades to my own fully automated astronomical observatory, equipped with highly sensitive astronomical cameras. But with development of Internet, my work has meanwhile become known and published worldwide.
Practicing astrophotography is however highly technical and always linked with science. Everything has to be planned in highest detail and carried out precisely, in order that taking photographs of outer space can be achieved at all. Some astrophotography requires exposure for up to 12 hours or more. A number of nights are needed, especially in summer months, in order to be able to produce such laborious series of exposures.
The precision with which the telescope has to track the corresponding objects in the sky can only be realized with enormous mechanical effort.
I attempt to create my city and landscape images with similar precision. To freely choose extracts and moments in the world here without scientific requirements, as well as being able to arrange and interpret them, is the particular appeal for me in this type of photography. For any open question please do not hesitate to contact me.